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Is to involve as many women and children in fishing as possible, We cater to family groups and can accomidate children over 4 years old. Children are not required to have a licence until age 12. On lake Mead there is no limit for striped bass under 20 inches. This means we can catch and release your catch or will filet them out for your favorite fish dinner.
at no extra charge. 

General Fishing Seasons. From January to March we are normally bait fishing with cut bait and chumming heavily to keep the fish under the boat. April and May are normally the major spawning months for Stripers and Largemouth Bass, while Cat-fishing is another option during these months. We are usually able to get live bait ie Shad for live bait fishing during those months. June through September is top-water fishing. September and October are normally our two best fishing months with top-water action early then a jigging spoon bite mid morning when the fish relate to the thermocline. REMEMBER NO FISH NO PAY. 

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